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Let Dogs be Dogs

Oscars Law

Oscars Law (Official Partner & Sponsor of DOGS) approached us for help. They’re raising funds to produce ‘Dogs’ the film, to help build awareness about the hideous trade of puppy farming. It’s hard to get people interested in a cause and even harder to get them to take action. Being an issue close to our hearts made it both challenging and rewarding, with many a tear being shed in the office. But it was empowering too. We felt we were helping to make a difference, and getting behind something we really believe in.

So how did we approach it? Carefully. Tearfully. And then creatively.


Behind the scenes

There was no way we’d be able to actually film inside a puppy farm without busting out all the residents and getting arrested in the process.  And we would NEVER put an ‘acting’ dog in that situation – not even for an hour. So by using 3D animation, 3D modeling, and combining these in post production, we were able to show the grim reality of life in a puppy farm, without actually putting our talented Beagle in one. In reality, she was snug on her blanket, being ooohed and ahhhhed with a green screen behind her. With only the footage of her on her blanket, the rest of the scene, from the cage around her, to the dust, and the moving lighting, was achieved with CGI.

With over 11,000 views on Facebook to date, take a look; try not to cry, and then dig deep, safe in the knowledge that although many a creative was tested emotionally, no dog (or creative) was harmed in the making.