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Cyber Security

Department of Defence

What’s your password? Seriously, don’t answer that question.

This is the message of our recent collaboration with the Australian Cyber Security Centre in ACT, who have just launched a national awareness campaign with an online video, produced and developed by us, called “Recognise. Report.” Written by and starring Australian comedian Merrick Watts, the video takes a soft and humorous look at some of the common online dangers awaiting unprepared internet users. Is that you?

This campaign is different from your typical Public Service Announcement. The Department has taken a light hearted approach, creating a simple, entertaining trigger for public conversation about protecting vital information. There’s no technical mumbo-jumbo here. Instead there’s genre, a little bit of slapstick, 2 pounds of spam and a menagerie of outmoded stereotypes.

The raw footage, shot at the ABC’s Collinswood studios used a series of green screens that Creative Director Ryan illuminated with his usual magic..

The shoot itself was a pretty hectic couple of days, not to mention the many many months of lead up. But it was a heap of fun, and a few of our staff (Nat, Ryan and Dorothy) even made their way into the frame! See if you can spot them…

The clip was picked up almost immediately by tweeters, bloggers and cyber news hubs, sparking wild online debate.