Whether you’re looking for design, animation, a new website or an app, please send us an email or give us a call. The team here at Molten would love to create some stunning work for you, too.


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We love showing you what we can do for you but trying to get us to talk about it is a little bit like pulling teeth. Luckily, we have quite a few clients who are happy to tell everybody how we helped them. Here are just a few…


“We’d talked to a couple of larger companies including overseas companies but it wasn’t really until we sat down and talked to Molten that we felt we had found the right people. At Molten, they’re about working with the content and they’re interested in the project. They were willing to develop the project with us, they were more collaborative and happy to be responsive to the branding and the design that had already been developed. Despite the development phase being very intense, it was a really great experience. The relationship was really positive, there was a real camaraderie and we’re very happy with the outcome.”

Mandy Paul
Director • Migration Museum

“The project was fluid and exciting and Molten were fun to work with. They knew what they were talking about, they got in exactly the right people with skills that were spot on and their project management was fantastic. It was a really good process — very collaborative, very creative and also really respectful.”

Dr Kristy Kokegei
Manager, Digital Engagement • History Trust of South Australia

“I have worked with Molten on 5 different projects now and I have been blown away by the quality of their work. From start-to-finish, they are complete professionals who have made my ideas come to life better than I could have ever expected. I am so impressed with their design skills, which is exactly why I am a repeat customer. Irrespective of who I work with (3 different designers so far), I know I am going to get a quality product.”

Annika Morris
Business Development and Marketing Coordinator • Veolia Australia and New Zealand

“I love working with Molten. Whether creatively driving a project or working to a highly detailed brief, their work is always exceptional, on time and on budget. The extremely talented staff are genuinely friendly and really listen to their clients and care about project outcomes. Molten are the only designers I recommend because they always deliver excellent work and are an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Holly Owen
Digital Marketer, Strategist & Producer

“I've worked with many creative agencies and Molten is my favourite. They are highly creative, fast, cost competitive but most importantly they are really easy to work with. They don't push you into something you don't want. They listen to the client and respond accordingly. Nothing is too much trouble for Molten. I couldn't recommend a company more highly.”

Kate Gould
Director • Kate Gould & Associates

“Ryan, Dorothy and the rest of the team at Molten were essential partners on My 52 Tuesdays, the multi-platform companion project to Closer Productions' award-winning feature film 52 TUESDAYS. It was a unique job which required a very specific user experience that linked thematically to the feature film but needed to stand alone as a powerful participatory experience, something that Molten embraced quickly and translated into an elegant design with a seamless experience across all platforms. Their quietly fierce ability to marry design and digital needs meant they were valuable creative partners. Every filmmaker needs design and digital partners like this.”

Matthew Cormack
Closer Productions

“It was fantastic working with them, that perfect working relationship, just a joy from start to finish. I hadn’t produced anything for ages, so when I came in to see them it was all pretty new to me. They were able to read my mind and they had fantastic ideas of their own. The collaboration was fantastic and the project turned out exactly as I’d envisaged — it was absolutely what I wanted in every respect. Even when I walked in the door, being new to this, it was really easy, relaxed and totally comfortable. The time spent listening to me as a producer who didn’t know all the language, to take that time and really understand what it was that I wanted, was fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble. The aftersales service was fantastic as well. Little things that came up here and there with the website and bits I wanted added, everything was done really quickly and really well. Clients are supposed to have something to complain about but somehow I just can’t find anything. It was a great working relationship, they went above and beyond. I have a couple of projects in mind and if they come to fruition I’m going to go straight back and work with them again, no question.”

Richard Kuipers
Producer • The Cambodian Space Project – Not Easy Rock’n’Roll (feature documentary)

“Looks fantastic, big congratulations man. Love your work and the fact that you took all ideas on board from the film and got it nailed, without even talking to me!!! Normally that’s what I do, communicate the ideas and styles and nobody has ever surprised me like you did!
 Right on!”

Marc Eberle
Director • Flaming Star Films

“We’ve used them for years doing our website design and over the last two years we’ve expanded that — they’ve become the Adelaide Festival’s digital partner. They do our website, our TVCs, our animation, trailers, advertising, all sorts. Firstly, they’re an incredible group of people. Incredibly hardworking, passionate and creative. They’re great people and they’re great to work with. They take the time to get to know the business and the organisation and really make sure they do it justice — which sounds like a given but many organisations jump to conclusions and just dive straight in. That’s part of the key of our working relationship. I don’t have to worry about pushing them to meet their deadline — they’re always meeting deadlines or beating them. They’re efficient workers who take the intiative to get something done early and get it back to you early. They understand the level of work I want from them, and they always find a way to add a bit of spark and creativity. When I get it back I never think, “Oh, ok… I’ll just get them to add this.”  I think “Oh, that’s really great!” How they’ve taken the initial idea and then taken it to the next level. Which is why we keep going back to them.”

Jordan Archer
Marketing Executive • Adelaide Festival

“They combine the best of corporate design experience with creative and playful ideas. It’s the best of both worlds when developing a professional image of arts practice. I trust them implicitly to bring to the table ideas and images that engage my productions with my international audiences.”

Michael Allen
Artistic Director • Michael Allen Productions