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How to Design an Event Poster that will Attract a Crowd

5 November, 2016

Have you ever worried that no one will turn up to your party? Try hosting an Event and imagine how much is at stake if no one turns up…. The Poster can make or break your Event. It’s a lot like speed dating; you have about 3 seconds to make it work. So here are some pointers on how it should work for you, and how to create it.

Attention Seeking Behaviour

Unlike rowdy children, attention seeking is a good thing from a Poster. You want people to turn their heads and be drawn to it. You want them to see it without having to actually read anything. So catch their eye with stand out visuals, using imagery or colour. This will get them interested. There’s no room for subtlety here, let your poster scream for attention.

While you’ve got their attention, they’ll need some detail – the name of the Event. Make it bold enough to be seen without them having to press their face against the poster to see it.

You’ve grabbed them, they’ve seen the name, and now they’re headed your way for a closer look. They’ll now see the final crucial detail – the Event date. No further reading required. In most cases you don’t need to add phone numbers or web addresses. Thanks to search engines, if someone wants to find you, they will. (Just hope it’s not that stalker from high school…)

But wait, there’s more


When designing your posters, keep in mind where they are going to be placed. Check out the look of any others it may appear next to, and make yours stand out. If the others are black and white, use colour. Make yours illustrated if it will have to sit alongside photography based posters. It’s standing out in a good way.

Sponsor Logos

Sponsors are great, and we love them when they give us free wine. But most of the time all you’ll get is a low res version of their logo and a demand to make it the biggest thing on your poster. So plan ahead and make their logo part of your design. You could allow space at the bottom for them. If there’s a lot of different ones, keep them uniform by making them all one colour. You’ll get to maintain the integrity of your design, the sponsor will be happy, and you may just get a free vino for your all your efforts.

Recycling at its Best

Consider how elements of the poster could be used elsewhere. How the imagery could work on T-Shirts, billboards or programs. Our work on Dubbo Festival had flexible imagery that was picked off in isolation and used across the entire campaign.


The poster must represent the event, and be unique to that event. You want to evoke the feeling of your event and impart a true sense of the atmosphere, without the use of clichés. A poster for a film event doesn’t have to include an eccentric beret wearing director with a speech bubble saying “cut!”


These days, more and more people are getting creative with typography. It’s another great way to get your poster noticed and be unique to the event. Just make it readable & right for your event. Keep in mind your target audience. Using the wrong typography can send the wrong message. Try using Ye Olde English style font to advertise an orchestral music recital. You could end up with a crowd of medieval reenactment buffs on horseback crashing your black tie event.

If budget allows, get creative with paper. It can have interesting finishes and textures. Just don’t rely on it, great design should stand on its own.

So there you have it, good design will get you a good Event Poster, and you won’t be all alone at your event.