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How to Design an Event Poster that will Attract a Crowd

5 November, 2016

Have you ever worried that no one will turn up to your party? Try hosting an Event and imagine how much is at stake if no one turns up…. The Poster can make or break your Event. It’s a lot like speed dating; you have about 3 seconds to make it work. So here are…

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Attracting audiences to your event through design

10 September, 2016

Successful festival and event campaign design puts to work the very essence of great design: the sublimation of an idea. An idea awakens. It infects, it’s talked about, it transforms. This idea is the burning star of a campaign; its flares and its spots blast that campaign’s every surface in a brilliant, luminescent display of…

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Branding, how to get it right

9 September, 2016

  Branding is one of the most important aspects of business today. Regardless of the size or type of business, an effective brand strategy can give you an advantage over your competitors. So what’s it all about and does it affect you? Your brand tells your customer who you are, what type of business you…

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Using video to engage your audience

19 May, 2016

People love sharing short videos. How many times have you been out with friends only to end up with your phones out watching funny or interesting videos? And with YouTube, Facebook, Vine & Twitter, sharing material quickly moves beyond your circle of friends at the dinner party into cyberspace and beyond. So it’s a great…

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It’s not necessary to break a leg creating a great movie website

14 April, 2016

Gone are the days when a change of hairstyle from Jennifer Anniston was enough to get interest in a new movie. It’s a good thing, there’s more at stake than a can of hairspray and a few teenagers buying the DVD. Not only do you want an audience watching your movie, but you want film…

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