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There are times when animation is just the best medium — the only medium — to really get your message across. Bringing together the unique combination of design and digital, from storyboard to finished product, is what we do best.

Whether it’s 2D animation, stop-motion, 3D animation, post-production, or something else — at Molten we’ve got the capability. We’re experts at getting to the core of the message and finding the best way to deliver it with that wow factor. From an instructional video using animation to explain a complex process, to animating a festival poster, our job is to bring your vision to life.

Great animation begins with a great script

When you think animation, you’re thinking of something that’s very visual — but just like a good movie, it all starts with a good script. In fact, it’s not until you have a script that you can really know how long an animation will take.

Not good with words? That’s ok. We can write the script for you or polish a rough script to help you make sure you get the message across using the best words possible. After all, it would be a shame to invest in a beautiful-looking animation and not have wonderful words to tell your story, as well.

What style of animation is best?

Choosing the type of animation style that’s right for you is really dependent on a few key things, including your company style and branding, how the animation will be used, who the target audience is, and the message you want to portray — what sort of mood or feeling you want to create.

For example, simple stick figures are childlike and fun. A slick-style illustration is ideal for something diagramatic or educational. 3D animation can look realistic, futuristic, or however you’d like it to. Obviously, the more complex the animation, the more time it takes and that will have an effect on the budget.

Not just another Adelaide animation company

Now, it’s one thing to find a company that does great animation. It’s quite another to find that company is full of people who are happy to explain the process simply, without jargon, and collaborate with you, step by step, to make sure your animation delivers exactly what you want. As our client, you can be hands-off or as involved as you like — the choice is yours.

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